PDXProWash - 6 Tips to Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

Whether or not you or your customers realize it, your business’ parking lot does influence the purchase decision. Seeing a parking lot that’s stained, littered, and graffitied can affect your professional reputation. The parking lot could essentially generate more traffic for your establishment or be the reason you lose potential customers. It would, therefore, not be too far-fetched to go all out and establish that having a clean parking lot is simply good business. Keep reading to find out how PDX ProWash can help you keep your parking lot clean and attractive.


Parking Lot Cleaning: Why It Is Important

A quick search online and further scrutiny of reports put out by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) indicates that Portland has a significant parking problem. Street parking is scarce and what’s available is either not as safe or subject to parking meters from PBOT parking enforcement officers.

Therefore, as a business, when you prioritize parking, you essentially offer a much-needed service to the patrons that frequent your business. However, making the customer experience enjoyable the minute they drive into your parking lot, thus shaping brand perception and reputation, can simply not be the only reason you make the financial decision to invest in parking lot cleaning. Additional benefits you are likely to yield from investing in parking lot cleaning include:


1. Rodent Deterrence

When there’s an accumulation of trash within your parking lot, it becomes a feeding ground for disease-ridden rodents and other animals. These pests are unsanitary and outrightly border being dangerous. Besides, nothing could potentially put off a customer than crossing paths with a rodent the moment they pull up to your parking lot.


2. Avoidance of Legal Recourse

When your parking lot is unkempt, there could be damages to individuals and their vehicles, and tires. If this was to occur, you could potentially lose this customer and open yourself up for a lawsuit. This is quite alarming, seeing as liability claim payments can be quite costly to your reputation.


3. Minimize Water Pollution

The current consumer is a stickler for sustainability. What’s more, they are quite environmentally conscious and are likely only to support businesses and brands that they feel do their part when it comes to maintaining the environment. To have a chance at this customer base, you ought to invest in the cleaning of your parking lot, which could range from anything like removing the trash to clearing stagnant stormwater after a heavy downpour.

Overall, there is a pretty strong case for cleaning your parking lot, seeing as these lots are the first interaction customers have with your business. It is without a doubt that how clean your parking lot is can make or break your brand perception.

How then, do you ensure that you keep your parking lot clean throughout the seasons, even during the wet Portland winters, and regardless of the type of blemish?



PDXProWash - 5 Tips to Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

How to Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

As highlighted, cleaning your parking lot is more than just good management practice. With a clean parking lot, your brand and business give off a stance of professionalism, cleanliness, and attention to detail that could win you additional business. For these reasons, here are tips on how you can keep your parking lot clean.


1. Conduct Regular Visual Lot Inspection

Problems can quickly arise with your parking lot. It would therefore be prudent if you conducted regular visual lot inspections to discern some of the issues before further deterioration. You want to look out for any developing cracks, standing water, pools of harmful oils, and debris. Scouting the lot for these issues means that you can immediately take action to remediate the situation.


2. Check the Drains

Proper drainage is an essential part of keeping your parking lot clean. When shallow puddles fail to completely drain, the surface becomes slippery. Vehicles are likely to skid out and potentially cause property damage and injuries. Regardless of how you look at it, having poor drainage is often likely going to cost you money.

The first step in checking the drains is checking whether water is collecting around the said drain. You want to ensure that there is no water pudding around the ring. In the event that the manhole present wasn’t flushed with the asphalt surface, you will have to do a drain-drop. This can be quite involved as you will have to cut off a section of the pavement around the drain.

Additionally, inspect the inside of the drains to ensure there are no build-ups of fallen debris, vegetation, or gunk. You want to be intentional about avoiding any form of blockage, as this could cause further deterioration of your parking lot surface and might result in a foul smell.


3. Remove Oil & Gasoline Drippings

Nothing threatens the investment you have made on your parking lot more than oil and gasoline spots. Other than being a hideous sight, these oil and gasoline drippings cause fast decay and decomposition of the asphalt that’s likely been used for your parking lot.

A simple wipe or wash with water alone won’t do the job. You have to devise an additional method for spot cleaning and oil stain removal. This is subject to the saturation of said oil, but in most cases, a stiff-bristled brush or broom can be used in conjunction with a paste of baking soda and dishwashing or laundry detergent. If the surface area of the spill is large, you could purchase a degreaser that will remove all the oil stains without damaging the parking lot surface.


4. Power Wash the Parking Lot

Power washing is one of the two primary methods of parking lot cleaning, which involves the use of high-pressure water for the deep and spot cleaning. To get the best results, it is advisable that you use hot steamed water as this would soften the stains and dirt on the lot’s surface.

It would be best if you hired a pressure washing contractor that is compliant with both EPA and OSHA standards of practice. This should cushion you from any liability, especially pertaining to EPA’s Clean Water Act.

If you are looking for professional service that understands the complexities of cleaning a parking lot in Portland, give PDX ProWash a call, and we will keep your parking lot pristine.


5. Commercial Sweeping

The second method of parking lot cleaning is commercial sweeping. This involves regular, scheduled sweeping of the parking lot to remove any dirt and debris. This sweeping gives an almost instantaneous result and is a hand’s down sure way of preserving the asset that is your parking lot.

With this commercial sweeping, you prevent garbage and debris from clogging your drains and thus further complications. Note, however, that commercial sweepers will not unclog your drains or remove stains from the parking lot, which then requires that you hire additional help.


6. Add Trash Cans & Recycling Bins

Trash and recycling bins are some of those small details that a lot of business owners don’t think about. But if you’ve ever been into a building that is littered with all kinds of dirt and debris, you’ll realize how essential these additions can be.

Recycle bins and trash cans demonstrate how you prioritize keeping the environment clean, and encourage others to do so. If you do add bins, ensure they are located in accessible, noticeable, and convenient locations, and are regularly maintained.

Granted, it is inevitable that parking lots will eventually get dirty and stained. Still, you have to stay proactive in its regular maintenance, and that of the rest of the property’s exterior.

Businesses,  restaurants, and homes can benefit from the professional window cleaning, siding washing, and deck cleaning services. By following the tips highlighted above, you stand a chance at making quite the first impression on the customer and could potentially influence a purchase. Get in touch with PDX ProWash today for a staff of experienced and professional cleaners at competitive prices.